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Dashing is a simple to use mini ORM built on top of Dapper


Dashing is a simple to use mini ORM built on top of Dapper. It aims to be a strongly typed data access layer that is built with productivity and performance in mind.



Visit the Getting Started page.


Get Entity

var post = await session.GetAsync<Post>(123);
var post = await session.Query<Post>().SingleAsync(p => p.PostId == 123);


var post = new Post { Title = "Hello World" };
await session.InsertAsync(post);
Console.WriteLine(post.PostId); // 123

Update changed properties only

var post = await session.GetAsync<Post>(123);
post.Title = "New Title";
await session.SaveAsync(post); // update [Posts] set [Title] = @P1 where [PostId] = @P2


await session.DeleteAsync(post);

Eager fetching of related entities

var posts = await session.Query<Post>()
	.Fetch(p => p.Author)
	.Fetch(p => p.Tags)
	.FetchMany(p => p.Comments).ThenFetch(c => c.Author)
	.Where(p => p.Category == ".Net ORM")
	.OrderByDescending(p => p.CreatedDate)


var firstPage = await session.Query<Post>().AsPagedAsync(0, 10);


var numberPosts = await session.Query<Post>().CountAsync(p => p.Author.UserId == userId);
var hasAuthored = await session.Query<Post>().AnyAsync(p => p.Author.UserId == userId);

Bulk update entity

await session.UpdateAsync<Post>(p => p.IsArchived = true, p => p.Author.UserId == 3);
// update [Posts] set [IsArchived] = @P1 where [AuthorId] = @P2

Bulk delete

await session.DeleteAsync<Post>(p => p.IsArchived);

Drop to Dapper

await session.Dapper.QueryAsync("select 1 from Foo");

Inspect changes

post.Title = "New";
session.Inspect(post).IsPropertyDirty(p => p.Title);
var oldTitle = session.Inspect(post).GetOldValue(p => p.Title); // Old

Migrate database to match latest code

./dash migrate -a "<path to assembly>" -t "<configuration type full name>" -c "<connection string>" 

Who uses Dashing?

Dashing has been developed over the last 4 years at Abstract Leap and is in use at nearly all of our clients. It’s used to execute millions of queries every week.

Feature requests (and voting for them) available at Feathub

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